The founding members

Sophie Laneau

Teacher - specialized education

As long as I have a goal, I'm alive! 

My commitment and involvement in my daily work with children with motor and/or mental disorders has nourished me for the past ten years.  

Based on the fact that dyspraxia requires the use of specific tools that my school does not yet have, I first decided to take steps to obtain laptops. When I spoke to Sandra about this, she was touched by the problem we were experiencing. So we looked at the different alternatives that could respond to my reality in the field.   

Sandra Bertrand

IT Engineer

Challenging myself and never give up, it's me! 

 Persevering in nature, difficulty, work, energy and commitment do not scare me. 

More than liking the challenges, I need challenges. The raid Cap Fémina is a first, whether in adventure or in its preparation. 

But like any parent, I am sensitive to childhood and injustice. The injustice not to be born equal, the injustice not to start with the same chances in life.  Everybody knowing me well enough knows that even a wobbly elephant on my road, I am able to make him welcome and to treat him!

Commitment is only meaningful with an altruistic objective. Already when 23 I travelled the world with 40 kg of medicines for a hospital in India.

When Sophie told me about the reality of children living with dyspraxia, without heistation, it was vet clear to me that we had to join our strengths and our optimism to launch this second challenge : our ASBL.

I will be able to test new limits and exceed them, while representing values that resemble me, such as sharing and generosity.


Jean-Yves Dupuis

Computer scientist, Enterprise Architect

A new adventure? I'm in!

When Sandra and Sophie told me they wanted to participate to Cap Femina, I did not feel concerned. But when, in the course of the discussions, the idea of creating a charity association to help disadvantaged or handicapped children, and more especially dyspraxics, it became obvious to me that I had to be part of it.

At 54, I need new goals, new struggles, and if my experience can make this adventure and this ASBL a success, I will gladly devote my free time to it. 


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