This year, 2019, the students of the Ecole Fondamentale du Mardasson are experiencing an extraordinary experience Tennis Club Garisart and the ASBL Les Fées Lozof .

Since December, tennis lessons have been given by two exceptional instructors:
? Emilie Paulet And ?Nicolas Bertrand . 
Their ambition, their passion for sport and their experiences allow these young people to evolve at their own pace.

Playful workshops are set up in order to work their major difficulty: psychomotricity. Psychomotricity is the ability to align body and thought. For a dyspraxic person, it is difficult to coordinate the gestures so that outcome correspond to the mental image built in their mind. Some dyspraxic person do not make any difference between the reached outcome and expected outcome of their gesture.

Emilie? and Nicolas? plan and build their lessons so that each student achieves the foreseen goals in full consciousness. In fact, the workshops make it possible to become aware of the movements to be adopted in a match without it being a constraint. Of course, these workshops are created and imagined by breaking down the appropriate gestures in the form of games. The students will not be able to play tennis smoothly at ease overnight, nevertheless they are acquiring basic and specific reflexes. That means they will be able to perform by themselves 👏and enact with family!

We emphasize their good humor and their constant encouragement. Thanks to them, these young people take a real pleasure in playing tennis.

Here are the kid's testimonies ?:
?Emma: "tennis teachers are cool. I feel that I am evolving thanks to them. »
?Océane: "I like the tennis class. When are we coming back? »
?Ophelia: "it's a difficult sport but less complicated than I thought."
?Jean: "I feel...that I feel more comfortable playing tennis."
?Julien: "can I play against this gentleman? (speaking of a professional who trains at the same time as them). 
?Logan: "before I was sending the ball as hard as I could. Now I know how to send the ball where I want with less strength. »
?Paul-Loïc: "I like tennis as much as basketball (a sport he has been practicing for a long time)."

?Thank you Tennis Club Garisart ?for this experience!

We have already announced that this beautiful collaboration will continue next year. 
Tennis Club Garisart wish to reiterate this adventure with other schools. We are pleased to announce that our non-profit association supports this project and that we are committed to financing their future project.

Continue to support us!

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