The Féestoche practical courses kit
The Féestoche practical courses kit
The Féestoche practical courses kit

Féestoche practical courses kit

The Féestoche Practical Course kit is designed to provide dyspraxiques children with tools that enable them to perform practical courses such as cooking, gardening, etc. and improve their learning and training in preparation for their professional lives and insertion in society.

The Féestoche Practical courses kit contains:

  • Equipment for cooking classes and maintenance courses that ensure the safety of learners while facilitating learning related to the chosen course:
    • 10 anti-Skid gloves, 10 non-skid pads,
    • 10 Anti-cut Gloves, 10 All Purpose Knives,
    • 10 all-purpose graters, 10 spatulas, 10 Trenchers, 2 Automatic mandolins, 2 Oxo Easy mincers,
    • 10 Goodtrip ergonomists, 2 One Touch automatic can openers, 2 Dewatering Oxo salad servers,
    • 5 Peel-Gordon Vegetables10 handles bottle pourer, 2 Baby Boa,
    • 10 adaptable perpendicular handles, 2 Box opener with tongues,
    • 10 cordless irons, 10 Universal handles, 10 culinary preparation boards.
  • Material for horticulture classes for the protection of pupils, which ensures greater manoeuvrability of the tools:
    • 10 universal non-slip gloves,
    • 10 anti-noise helmets,
    • 30 Gardening Tools,
    • 10 Forearm Supports,
    • 10 universal handles for handle.
  • Equipment for Sports Coursess to work on the dexterity of everyday gestures:
    • 10 Self-grippinging Gloves to catch a ball and keep it in hand,
    • 10 Camille Cushions,
    • 2 Montessori dressing frames,
    • 2 giant plug-in trays for fine motor work,
    • 10 Zubits Magnetic lacing clasps for learning and supporting the movements related to closing the shoes.
  • Equipment for all courses :
    • 10 Busyleg to relieve kinaesthetic learners who need to move during their training without disturbing other students,
    • 5 Ergonomic desks to work standing up and relieve the back,
    • 1 non-slip roller to be cut,
    • 5 non-skid sets,
    • 10 Dynair Cushions for an adapted back posture.

The cost of a Féestoche practical course kit is 6,700 euros

You can help us fund one of these kits here or See our other kits

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