Contents of the Féestoche IT kit

Féestoche IT kit

The Féestoche IT kit allows the class to become familiar with new technologies, while using suitable equipment.

With dyspraxiques children, IT is essential because it promotes the achievement of the work they would not normally accomplish without it. Indeed, the problem of spatial structuring and dysgraphia tire the children enormously and block them in many areas. Simple tasks such as writing, reading, geometry and measures can be improved with all these IT materials and will make the learning process a pleasure rather than a daily challenge.

It consists of the following articles:

  • 1 Interactive board (also called TBI) is useful in all areas of group learning.
  • 10 Touchscreen Tablets/PC, 10 Wireless Mouse and 10 Protective shells These tools make it possible to work with all materials without risk and with much greater efficiency.
  • 10 Clevy keyboards The colours on this keyboard make it easier to use and therefore increase work efficiency.
  • 10 Audio headphones with microphone This gives the possibility of following educational capsules and progressing at the pace of the pupils, who can work on software individually and thus on skills targeted by the teacher.
  • 10 USB boxes They allow the use of several accessories on the tablet and record the work done to give it to the teachers as they go along.
  • 2 Mouse Scanner They allow students' work to be scanned and then processed on the computer or TBI.
  • 1 Printer Print: allows you to print the work done immediately in the classroom.
  • 1 Bluetooth keyboard Remote control: allows remote manipulation of the keyboard.
  • 1 software Claroread This multi-sensory software is very effective in helping students with reading and writing difficulties.
  • Educational software Montessori They are based on the sensory and kinaesthetic education of the child, which is essential to reach all forms of intelligence.

The cost of a Féestoche IT kit is 9,000 euros

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