Day 1 – Team 370, the only Belgian team of the rally Cap Femina 2018
The journey, the adventure, without imprevu, is much less fun!
"On the Road baby" v 1.0 was Bugged 
So tomorrow is "On the road baby" v 2.0,

Sophie will arrive with a day late and join me tomorrow night by jumping on the train, after arriving in Casablanca – direction Meknes. 
Cheers ?
meanwhile, as of Tomorrow morning, I will go alone with the vehicle, in the convoy, and I will do the technical checks in Meknes. 
The kindness of the québéquoises crews is a great support! Thank you, Girls!
Cheers tomorrow night Sophie!
I can't wait!

#Girlspower #Nevergiveup #Forthekids #Dyspraxia

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