The equipment

Personal equipment

  • 2 Jet Helmets with Audio
  • 1 Tent for bivouacs
  • 2 Sleeping Bags
  • 2 Mattresses
  • 1 First-Aid pharmacy kit with two 2 survival blankets
  • 2 Fluorescent Safety Vests


The vehicle

For our vehicle, we have two possible solutions: renting a vehicle from a professional, or providing a vehicle by a garage wishing to help us in adventure.

The vehicle must be a vehicle Standardregistered and of type 4×4 (not SUV or Crossover type).

In order to guarantee the safety and the proper functioning during the rally, it must be adapted in the following way:

  • Installation of a protective plate (e.g. aluminum 3 to 5 mm) under the car, at the front to protect the housing and deck.
  • Change the tires against the most resilient tires possible to tear (especially risk of taking a pebble on the flank and tearing the tyre).
  • therefore provide for fastening structures, ratchet straps attached to the vehicle, nets
  • Attach an iron canteen to the vehicle to contain the necessary spare and maintenance parts.
  • Fix the spare wheel (or wheels).



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